Content Smiles: Chewing Gum

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If you find yourself frequently suffering from any issues associated with poor oral hygiene, it may be time to add a few more treatments to keep your smile safe, which can include the addition of sugarless chewing gum to help keep your mouth clean.

If you have oral hygiene risks associated with dry mouth, it means your mouth is not getting enough saliva to function effectively. To help combat this, it may be useful to try to chewing sugar-free gum after meals to produce additional saliva. Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes after meals, you can help to clean out your mouth and lower your risk of cavities.

Saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth that can be used to help neutralize harmful acids capable of causing dental erosion and tooth decay. Sugarless gum can also help your mouth produce disease-fighting substances for your mouth and help rinse away plaque and bacteria that may be collecting on your teeth and gums.

Sugarless chewing gum has also been proven to be effective in the treatment of heartburn. Because of the saliva that sugarless gum produces, you can help protect your teeth from issues associated with heartburn. Heartburn occurs when stomach acids travel up your esophagus and into your mouth. These acids are detrimental to your oral health and can lead to further dental erosion. However, saliva produced by chewing gum is a nonabrasive technique to help eliminate the risks associated with these acids.

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