Dental Health Care Focus: Root Canals

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Is your smile in need of a root canal? A root canal is a tooth restoration exclusively used to fix or protect a tooth that has suffered irreparable harm to their pulp as it lies within the root canal of a tooth. The pulp is the life-force of a tooth, as it encompasses all vital nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels for the tooth. If the pulp becomes injured, it will need to be removed to save the tooth.

Focus your oral health care on root canals. Save your smile with root canals and these important facts:

– Bacteria and harmful acids that arrive through holes in the tooth enamel can damage the pulp of a tooth.

– Continuous wear and tear on teeth due to multiple procedures can weaken tooth enamel and expose a tooth, at which point a root canal is needed if the pulp is damaged.

– The pulp of a tooth can easily be worn down by an oral accident or injury.

– On the outside of a tooth lies the tooth enamel, a thin layer that helps defend the inner workings of a tooth. However, the tooth enamel can be damaged, and your root can be at a greater risk for infections and decay, thus prompting the need for a root canal.

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