A Dental Crown Can Be Used to Prevent Tooth Decay in a Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth can sometimes be at increased risk of collecting bacterial deposits from lingering food particles, residual sugars, and the accumulation of plaque buildup. In many of these situations, the textures and contours of the damaged tooth enamel can prove difficult to remove in your twice daily attempts at brushing your teeth. This could eventually… Read more »

Multiple Teeth Lost to Tooth Decay Complications Might Be Replaced with a Removable Partial Denture

When a cavity goes without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Milan Sata, the bacterial tooth decay will gradually worsen. In time it can spread to the pulp and root of the tooth leading to a toothache or a severe dental fracture. Even if you can manage to live with the general discomfort and… Read more »

Eating Tricks for a Strong Smile

If you want a top-notch smile and oral health, it’s best to keep up on oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly, and have a healthy diet. Now, Dr. Milan Sata understands the diet tip can be a little difficult for many people. So, to make it a little easier, he is happy to give you… Read more »

Flossing Options

Are you wondering which dental floss you need to pick for your oral health? If so, we have great news for you! Dental floss comes in many variates, which is why our team here at Milan Sata DDS in Flint, Michigan, is happy to talk to you about the different flossing options for your oral… Read more »

Tooth Loss Complications Can Often Be Prevented by Installing a Dental Implant

An impaired ability to chew, changes in your smile’s appearance, and speech issues are just some of the initial complications caused by tooth loss. The structural void left in your mouth can also cause problems as time goes on. Over time the nearby teeth can start to drift out of their correct position. This can… Read more »

Have Your Dentist Extract Your Tooth

A tooth exceeding the repair of a crown, filling, or other treatment will need to be extracted by your dentist. This will help your alignment and make way for a replacement or room for other teeth to fill in the space. Dr. Milan Sata’s dental office here in Flint, Michigan, uses updated technology to provide… Read more »

Dental Health Care Focus: Root Canals

Is your smile in need of a root canal? A root canal is a tooth restoration exclusively used to fix or protect a tooth that has suffered irreparable harm to their pulp as it lies within the root canal of a tooth. The pulp is the life-force of a tooth, as it encompasses all vital… Read more »

A Routine Dental Checkup Helps Prevent Dental Problems

Maintaining good oral health is important to your overall quality of life. To aid in this effort the American Dental Association recommends having a dental checkup and cleaning performed by a dentist, every six months. Each dental checkup at Dr. Milan Sata’s dental office is designed to clean your teeth and monitor the overall health… Read more »

A Damaged Dental Crown Needs to Be Treated by a Dentist

Dental crowns are typically created from materials meant to replicate the durability of your natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are some things that can chip or fracture a dental crown. This could come from a blow to the face during sports, a household accident, or grinding your teeth at night. If any part of your dental… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Could Be an Option for Tooth Replacement

Everyone is self-conscious about something, and unfortunately, too many people are self-conscious about their smiles because of missing teeth. Not only can missing teeth make us feel uneasy about our appearance, they can make us look older than we really are, and can make it difficult for us to eat or speak. At Milan Sata… Read more »