Have Your Dentist Extract Your Tooth

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A tooth exceeding the repair of a crown, filling, or other treatment will need to be extracted by your dentist. This will help your alignment and make way for a replacement or room for other teeth to fill in the space. Dr. Milan Sata’s dental office here in Flint, Michigan, uses updated technology to provide the best care for you and your smile.

If your problem includes the following, a tooth extraction may be needed:

– Baby teeth not coming out.
– You have a severe infection in the tooth.
– If you have a damaged or broken tooth.
– To make room for teeth moving when installing braces.
– Additional teeth blocking other growing teeth.

When extracting a tooth, your full dental and medical history will be looked over when deciding between a simple or surgical extraction, as well as an X-ray examination. A simple extraction is simply a procedure where your tooth is first loosened with an elevator and removed with a forceps tool. This is done when you can view the tooth inside the mouth.

If the tooth is still underneath the gums, damaged, or broken (especially at the gum line), this is when it gets a little more difficult. For a surgical extraction, a small incision is made in the gums. The tooth is then removed with the forceps tool, and if needed, the bone around the tooth is removed or the tooth needs to be cut in half for your tooth extraction.

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