Locate Your Dream Smile Today with Dental Bonding

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If you ever suffered an oral accident or injury, your teeth may be susceptible to further damage. If bacteria enter a tooth, it can infect the root of the tooth and cause a pulp infection to occur. If this happens, a root canal therapy will be needed to save the tooth. Otherwise, the tooth will need to be extracted. However, as long as the pulp has not yet been reached by bacteria, a tooth restoration such as a dental bonding may be needed to repair dental damage and protect your tooth from future decay.

Numerous factors exist in repairing your smile. However, if you’re looking to not only repair your smile but improve the look of your smile, consider cosmetic dentistry treatment options such as dental bonding. For repairing issues associated with cracks and chips in teeth as well as stained teeth and discoloration issues. In addition, if you wish to correct issues with the length of teeth or spacing problems between teeth, a dental bonding may be what you need. They are extremely durable and can last up to ten years of support.

Dental bonding treatments are highly effective options for receding gums. If you have suffered from gum disease or any other issue that has exposed a portion of a tooth’s root, consider a dental bond to help repair the damage. In addition, if you have any need to change the shape of teeth, dental bonding treatments are a good choice. Furthermore, because they are easy to color and match your appearance because of their resin and porcelain materials, they can function effectively as composite resin fillings to treat any cavities or decayed teeth. This makes them a highly effective option to use as a cosmetic alternative to dental amalgam.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but the quest for a perfect smile is more in reach with dental bonding treatments. If you are ready to see what dental bonding treatments can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit Milan Sata DDS at our dentist office in Flint, Michigan. Dr. Milan Sata and our team can be reached at 810-694-0200.