Oral Health Surprises: Diabetes and Your Smile

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Did you know there is a connection between diabetes and your oral health? Although we often don’t think of diabetes as something that’s on the top of our list to be aware of if we are having dental health issues, it absolutely is. This is because several complications can arise if for any reason you are suffering from abilities to properly process sugar.

Diabetes is the result of a health condition associated with your body’s inability to process blood sugar correctly, often resulting in high blood sugar levels. If insulin isn’t affecting your body as needed and diabetes occurs, it is important to let our dentist know.

If you have issues with your oral health in relation to diabetes, it is because your mouth is not producing enough saliva. This is a common risk that diabetes can cause, which can lead to what is known as dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused by several other risk factors as well, but if you do have diabetes, that means you will probably not be producing enough saliva.

Did you know that diabetes can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease? If gum disease does develop, it, in turn, will cause issues for your diabetes because it can spike blood sugar levels. Furthermore, diabetes can lead to complications associated with delayed recovery time. If for instance you have recently had an oral health care procedure or have recently suffered an oral accident or injury that requires extensive recovery, diabetes can make your recovery more labored and difficult.

Do you still have lingering questions about diabetes and its effect on your smile? Dr. Milan Sata and our team at our dental office in Flint, Michigan, are always here to help you take the steps to building a healthier you. You are welcome to call us at 810-694-0200 to book an appointment with us to discuss your options for keeping your smile safe if you suffer from diabetes.