Tooth Loss Complications Can Often Be Prevented by Installing a Dental Implant

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An impaired ability to chew, changes in your smile’s appearance, and speech issues are just some of the initial complications caused by tooth loss. The structural void left in your mouth can also cause problems as time goes on.
Over time the nearby teeth can start to drift out of their correct position. This can leave multiple teeth at increased risk of suffering dental fractures and dental attrition problems.
One effective way to prevent these complications from occurring is to have the dental restoration specialists at Milan Sata DDS install a dental implant. This involves a simple oral surgery where Dr. Milan Sata inserts a small titanium dental implant into the existing bone structure.
The natural process of osseointegration will allow the titanium implant to gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues. In time, this will fully restore the structural integrity of the tooth’s original root.
When it’s ready, Dr. Milan Sata can start the process of forming an abutment to create the sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown. After it has been cemented in place your newly restored root with last for many long years ahead.
If you are in the Flint, Michigan, area and you have lost a tooth, you should call 810-694-0200 to set up a dental implant consultation at Milan Sata DDS.